Westie Latin 7001

65,00 €
100% Handmade. It takes us only 7 days after order to send them to you.
Please select your size:
      • Classic Standard Styling

      • Insole: comfortable leather and fabric

      • Upper: soft and flexible leather

      • Sole: flexible black suede leather + fabric (divided)

      • 1 inch heel


      This model presents classic Standard styling with flexible sole, that gives you comfort and control during the dance.

      To maintain your sole in good condition, use the wire bursh from time to time. You can make it also less slippy, when you make it a little bit wet.

      Remember, you're not supposed to wear suede soles outside.

      To each pair of shoes you will receive that magnificent woolen bag - for free!


      Below you can find length of the insole corresponding to each size of Man shoe. To measure length of your foot, please make drawing on you foot on a sheet of paper (while standing), and then measure the length. Measure your foot in the evening. May sound crazy, but the fact is that your foot expands a little troughout the day, as you are walking. It comes back to normal size as you are sleeping.


      Size 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46
      Insole length [cm] 25,5 26,1 26,8 27,5 28,1 28,8 29,5 30,2 30,8



      Ask for reseller and dance school price!



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