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Dance in our lifes have been present since we were kids. It is actually dance that made us connected. Using our experience in dancing, and almost 50 years of experience of our craftsmans, we run Westie Dance Shoes brand which successfully finds appreciation among european dancers. Our shoes are made thinking like dancers and about dancers.



Dominika is a passionate dancer and DJ. She is in charge of shoe design and customer contact. Let her know if you need anything special about your shoes !
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Maciej is supporting Dominika in all the technical stuff. He keeps his eye on this shop condition and makes sure you will be able to shop here without any problems.
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We have gathered experience in dance shoes business since 2010, starting with distribution of foreign brands and then launch or own production. We are in continuous contact with dancing environment. Thanks to gathered feedback from the dancefloor, we are able to modify and adjust shoes design to profesional dancers needs. Therefore, if you have any questions/sugestions please send us your feedback. We will appreciate any update.

Shopping in our shop is safe. We are certified by the Comodo SSL safety protocole.

Some of our workshop photos: